How to Build AMP Emails: Simple Guide to Follow

How to Build AMP Emails: Simple Guide to Follow
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The introduction of AMP technology in email marketing has become one of the important trends of 2019. Previously, it was used to speed up mobile versions of sites. Therefore, email marketers were very excited and eagerly awaiting the adoption of AMP as the new technology promised to make emails effective and interactive.

AMP is now widely used in email, providing support for a range of new functions. Emails created with AMP can contain various interactive items, as well as update the content included in the message. In addition, recipients of such emails can perform certain actions, such as responding to a specific form without leaving their mailbox and so on.

Creating and sending a dynamic email based on AMP technology is not always easy. There are often difficulties with this. Nevertheless, AMP emails examples and templates can make things a lot easier. Follow the link and find a great variety of interesting AMP email examples. And below, find the main characteristics of AMP technology and read the guide on creating an effective AMP email.

Key Features of AMP for Email

Important characteristics of AMP mail include:

  • With AMP, you can greatly increase the conversion of certain messages, such as registration/subscription confirmations, feedback requests, e-commerce newsletters, etc.;
  • The technology really works effectively and is quite reliable since Google created it. The security and quality of AMP are at a high level due to the initial choice of architecture;
  • Implementing AMR can be difficult. This is because the user needs to learn a new markup language, create a new MIME type, and test it. Users don't have to wait too long to improve email performance with AMP emails;
  • Practice shows that not all modern email providers support the technology. Therefore, it is important to carefully choose a provider in order to be able to send AMP emails without problems;
  • Subscribers are conservative. It is recommended to introduce AMR gradually by using segmentation. It is important to analyze the results of each AMR mailing carefully.

AMP Tutorial: How to generate AMP Email

To generate an AMP email based on an AMP email example, you should go through several steps. Find a description of each step in the sections below.

Find AMP Support in Mail Service

Many email services, including Gmail, support AMP. To start using AMP in Gmail, first sign in to your account. At the top of the screen, you will see "Hello world of AMP4Email". The workspace will provide all the required markup and minimal code to generate a valid email based on AMP for email examples.

Add Images

A successful AMP for email example always includes images. You also need to add one or more interesting images to your email. Most of the HTML tags usually applied in regular emails can also be applied in AMP emails. But some tags, for example, such as <img> are usually replaced with analogs, for example, <amp-img>. When using the <amp-img> tag, be sure to indicate the height of an image and its width. You also need to use the closing </amp-img> tag.

Make Your Email Responsive

Effective AMP examples can be opened on various devices with various screen sizes. You should also provide this option in your email. Just use an AMP built-in layout system. Producing responsive emails is simplified due to the amp-layout system.

Modify the Layout

One image is good, but you may need to use more. AMP supports various additional elements, including sidebars and accordions.

Make an Email Stylish

The <style amp-custom> tag allows you to change the document header style easily. In addition, previously banned CSS classes have now become available.

Add Dynamics

AMP allows adding various dynamic elements. Every amp example uses such elements. Don't forget to apply this to your email to make it more interesting.

Send Email

Send the generated email to the specified email address.

So, we have told you about what is AMP for email, where you can find good examples of AMP, and how to generate an AMP email from scratch. Put your learned tips into practice and create an original AMP email without the slightest problem!

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