How to Improve the Patient Experience With Healthcare Digital Signage

How to Improve the Patient Experience With Healthcare Digital Signage

Digital signs have quite a number of diverse uses. They solve a lot of problems and offer a nice way to transition from online interaction to offline interaction. People are starting to expect less and less human interaction from their services, especially within health services where people social distancing is still a valid way of stopping the spread of diseases. Here are a few ways you can use digital signs in your medical facility, office or clinic.

Through Digital Signs

This is becoming increasingly common. They give you a code to enter, and you can see where you are supposed to go, the initials of your doctor or specialist, and sometimes they give you added information, like telling you that you shouldn't eat or drink.

Outpatient/Checkout Through Digital Signs

These work in several ways. Sometimes they are simply a way of marking that you left, other times they tell you if you have all your medications before you leave. Some clinics may allow you to book return visits, and others allow you to sign out of the facility and check your information so that the surgery or hospital can contact you again.

Giving People Directions

This is still not common enough in hospitals. As you know, they are often massive buildings with very complicated floor plans. Even the signs and maps they give you are not that easy to use. A common problem is that you have to find your department on a map/list of hundreds of different rooms and departments. With the use of digital signs, you type in where you want to go, and you are given a directional indicator and a map on where to go. The more sophisticated ones are able to link up with an app that walks you through the building with its own version of sat nav.

Also, digital signs are very popular simply as signs. Rather than having painted signs, they have digital signs. This means that they may be changed if there is a big emergency and people need to be funneled into different places. There are also signs where they call your name on the sign and show you the room you are supposed to visit.

Displaying Cleanliness Advice and Hospital Rules

We were on a medical mission for spine surgery in Monterrey, México. Our team took care of more than 60 patients all over Mexico with a group of volunteers including doctors, nurses, admin team, and more…
Photo by Luis Melendez / Unsplash

Back in the old days, these were posted on signs, but now they are given on digital signs. It used to be things like washing your hands after using the bathroom, but now there are rules on Smartphone use, on where you can visit at what times, and there are social distancing rules too.

Paying For Parking With Digital Signs

You put your parking ticket into the device, you are given the price on the screen and/or your parking extension offers. You are then asked to present your discount card (or whatever system is used), and then you pay for your parking using wireless payments or with a bank/credit card. These devices are located indoors, and occasionally outdoors near the exits and entrance of the car park.

What Sort of Digital Signage Software is Being Used?

Typically, digital signage healthcare software starts with a baseline program like Kitcast, and then extensions are added for each different function. For example, the digital signs being used to pay for parking signs will need printers attached, will need payment processing and wireless payment processing hardware and software. There aren’t any digital signage solutions that cover every situation and problem on their own. This is because digital signs have such diverse uses that it is impossible for a single developer to guess every factor that is needed and then weave them seamlessly into a program. Instead, just like the Kitcast software, the developers offer a baseline functional program and then let you add things to customize your setup.

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