The Human Protein Atlas is What every Medical, Human Biology Students and Scientist Need

I planned to write about this amazing project months ago, soon after I wrote about OpenSeadragon library. I recommended the project already to my colleagues who are teaching at medical schools. Some of my relatives who are studying medicine.

The Human Protein Atlas is a Swedish-based project that started 2003 to collect map, and publish histology, cell and pathology images. It aims to provide complete free access to researchers, scientists and of-course medical scientists for high-quality human protein images.

The Human Protein Atlas is a web-based medical atlas with rich sets of high resolution images which are classified in 6 atlases:

  1. Tissue Atlas: showing the distribution of the proteins across all major tissues and organs in the human body
  2. Cell Atlas: focuses on sub-cellular localization of proteins in single cells
  3. Pathology Atlas: showing the impact of protein levels for survival of patients with cancer
  4. Brain Atlas
  5. Blood Atlas
  6. Metabolic Atlas
  7. Protein Classes
  8. Protein Evidence
Eye: Tissue Atlas


It's an amazing project, here in this article I will explain why.

Rich Dictionary 
  1. Free
  2. Data rich
  3. Search with custom query field support
  4. Well organized and structured with easy to use navigation
  5. Support high resolution large-scale images with (OpenSeadragon)
  6. Constantly updated
  7. RSS feed
  8. Human protein dictionary
  9. Antibodies directory
  10. Few but good set of educational videos (I hope it'll grow to be a rich library)
Dictionary overview


The Human Protein Atlas is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 International License.


  1. The Human Protein Atlas:
  2. Twitter account:
  3. Instagram:

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