Easily manage your company orders with this free Libre app: Hydra OMS

Easily manage your company orders with this free Libre app: Hydra OMS

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If you have hundreds or thousands of orders every month and you suffer from a complicated business process for your accounting system or ERP solution, then Hydra OMS is for you.

Hydra OMS is an open-source order management system (OMS) for small and medium-size companies. It helps company owners to manage hundreds of orders without breaking a sweat.

It is a great option for support-based companies where they can manage support orders, track customer requests and follow-up with tasks with a straightforward procedure.

It features full order automation, customizable business process models, a user-friendly interface and over-all simple flow-alike wizard.

Hydra OMS offers a configurable process flow with a rich wizard system, which works is beneficial for companies with different workflows.

The system can seamlessly be integrated with other management software like ERP (enterprise resources planning) systems, CRMs and to manage orders.

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Hydra OMS main components

The main component of the system are:

  1. System user interface: which allows user to manage orders and tasks
  2. Administrator interface: For system admins to manage the users, order types (categories) and the business process.
  3. REST-API allows developers to integrate Hydra OMS with other company systems
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Use cases

Companies can use Hydra OMS for different use cases:

  1. Order automation
  2. Claim management
  3. Goods return
  4. Service provisioning
  5. Service re-billing
  6. Customer churn prevention
  7. On-premise equipment management
  8. Customer provisioning
  9. Vacation requests
  10. Support requests

Hydra OMS offers a developer friendly API which allows seamless integration with other solutions.

The demo is not showing the full capability of the software, so we recommend you to install a local copy and try it out.

Using the system is uncomplicated, it does not demand time from company employee to understand how it works and starts using it effectively.


  1. Order creation
  2. Order management
  3. Advanced search
  4. Advanced field filtering options
  5. Date filtering
  6. Order code
  7. Order type
  8. Task pipeline
  9. Support task management
  10. Notification
  11. Dual languages support (English, Russian)


  1. Docker
  2. Docker-compose


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