How to Transform Your Notes into a Stunning Website with Hyperdraft

How to Transform Your Notes into a Stunning Website with Hyperdraft

Hyperdraft is a tool that helps you organize your thoughts and turn them into a website. Inspired by Notational Velocity, it allows you to network your ideas using a simple double-bracket syntax. It can be used for various purposes such as brainstorming, journaling, and creating to-do lists. Check out the guide for more information.


  • Text note organization
  • Simple double-bracket syntax for linking ideas
  • Versatile use cases including ideas, to-do lists, brainstorming, recipes, reading notes, journaling, and more
  • Offline-first
  • Easily import and export your data in JSON format
  • Blind-friendly


  • Easy to use and navigate with a keyboard-centric approach
  • Quick and efficient way to connect and network your ideas
  • Supports various use cases and writing styles
  • Lightweight and simple interface


  • Limited formatting options compared to more feature-rich note-taking tools
  • Lack of advanced features like image embedding or collaboration


  • Hyperdraft is designed primarily for text-based note-taking and organization
  • Formatting options are minimal and may not suit users who require extensive styling
  • Collaboration features are not available, making it more suitable for individual use

How to Use

  1. Install Hyperdraft from the GitHub repository.
  2. Create text notes using the double-bracket syntax to link ideas.
  3. Organize and connect your notes to create a network of related thoughts.
  4. Export your notes as a website to share or publish your ideas.


The code is released under a Hippocratic License, modified to exclude its use for surveillance capitalism and also to require large for-profit entities to purchase a paid license.

Copyright (2020) (Rosano Coutinho)

Hippocratic License Version Number: 2.1.

Resources & Downloads

GitHub - rosano/hyperdraft: Turn your notes into a website.
Turn your notes into a website. Contribute to rosano/hyperdraft development by creating an account on GitHub.
Turn your text notes into a website.

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