Create your own VPN with this Open-source Project Hypersocket VPN Solution

Hypersocket VPN is an open-source VPN solution with advanced permission control and multi-use scenarios. It offers a seamless setup and configuration for the system admins.

It provides secure access to the network through a HTTPS port. System admins can use it behind a firewall or a firewalled WLAN as BYOD gateway.

Hypersocket is a simple yet powerful VPN solution which we highly recommend for hospitals, medical and dental clinics.

Hypersocket VPN Store

Despite the project has not updated for 5 years, but it's still getting weekly download hits.  It received 2 positive feedback comments from satisfied users on

In this post, I will list all of its features with a sample screenshots from the projects page.

Hypersocket VPN overview


Hypersocket VPN configuration manager
Hypersocket VPN configuration manager
  1. Multi-use scenarios
  2. Split tunneling support
  3. Activity monitoring
  4. Easy to install and configure
  5. Browser-based access to local file system, FTP and Windows file systems
  6. System tray tool
  7. Automatic update
  8. Multi-tenancy supporting multiple user databases
  9. Multiple users with multiple groups, roles support
  10. Resources management
  11. Configuration manager
  12. Networks and protocols manager
  13. Certificates management
  14. Store with extra modules
  15. SSL support
  16. FTP server module
  17. FTP and FTPS support
  18. File Resources with graular access support for the webserver
Hypersocket VPN Network manager
Hypersocket VPN Network manager


  • Server: Windows and Linux (Debian/ Ubuntu and Redhat)
  • Clients: Windows and macOS clients support


Hypersocket VPN is released as an open-source under GPLv3 License

The downside

  1. The project didn't receive updates for 4-5 years
  2. There is no supportive community for it
  3. Not popular


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