iDentist Dental Practice Management System and EMR - Mac OSX Review

iDentist  Dental Practice Management System and EMR - Mac OSX Review

iDentist is a dental practice management and EMR (Electronic Medical Record) for Mac OSX. iDentist comes in 2 versions the first is demo alike version with limitation to the patient's records, the full version requires a one-time payment.

iDentist is created by a company specialized in created medical and healthcare related mobile and desktop apps, Though iDentist is not open source and not totally free but limited the reason for this review is to set a standard and provide a functional multi-platform dental practice app for dentists and dental clinics. iDentist is available for Android and iOS/ Mac OSX. It has many good reviews from satisfying users.

iDentist Features

Medical Records & Patient Management

iDentist: Patient Records

iDentist contains very simple yet power patient medical records management, It allows adding/ editing patients with ease, searching to select a patient and a list of all previous treatments and payments. The user can add planned treatment easy and change the patient details with-in the same view. Patient's records include Allergies, Anamnesis, Condition of the Oral Cavity. It has also blood type, and how the patient reached/ engaged the clinic/ dentist.

Visits management & visits reminder

Visits management in iDentist makes it easy to add new visit a reminder to any registered patient, It provides also a search tool to search all recorded visits/ reminders, but unfortunately, it does not contain time filter or time-based search. Adding reminder is no different from adding visits but it works as notification for the dentist about incoming visits.

Visits include planned treatment which allows setting treatment plans or selecting pre-defined templates to add to the patient treatment which saves time. It also provides access to the payment view and the patient view.  The visit includes support for adding X-Ray (Image) photos per-patient visit.

Agenda/ Calendar View

Agenda/ Calendar view is set at the base or the application under (Home), provides easy access to the dated appointments in hourly-based view, Though there the agenda view is not customizable, however, it's fairly usable. The dentist/ user can switch to the next or previous week. However, the dentist (user) should be able to select the working hours from the settings panel.

Template management (Procedure, Treatment Type, Expanses)

iDentist: Template Management -> Treatment Types

Templates are an easy way to pre-define the common and most used procedures, treatment types, and expenses.  The dentist can add pre-defined procedures/ expenses and treatment types, assigning expanses/ pricing for each, and then they will be available at visits and patients records in the treatment section.

Expenses management

Expenses view giving the dentist (user) overall view to calculate the income, However, Statistics view gives more valid insights about treatments, payments, and expenses

Settings management

Setting management has few fields including email, address, currency, time of visit,  system sounds and working hours. There are no more settings like notification, templates, users or reminders.

Shop/ in-app purchases

The shop section contains in-app purchases that include: extending the number of patients to more than 20 (The free version does not allow more than 20 patients). It's currently one-time payment, but it may change in the future.

More features.

  • iDentist is lightweight for Mac OSX that comes with smooth performance.
  • iDentist provides iCloud Sync for Mac OSX and Android.
  • Simple and Easy to use
  • Photo gallery for X-Ray

Consideration and Recommendation for the developers

  • Missing fields: It's important for the dentists:
    It's important for the dentist to know their patient's health condition like Diabetes, HIV (AIDS),  Iron Deficiency Anemia, Leukemia, Oral cancer, Temporomandibular disorder (TMD), Epilepsy, Ulcers, Hepatitis or Chemo-Therapy Radio-Therapy. There is "Anamnesis" field which is rendered as a text-area field.
  • Allergy field should be more specified.
  • User management and Password: There is no user management and password
  • Medical records encryption: There is no encryption for the medical records
  • Form fields for patient profile do not switch with "Tab" but add it to the text field.
  • Date/ Time selector: is not UI friendly.
  • DICOM Viewer: Images viewer is functional, However many patients get their X-Ray with-in DICOM format on CD/ DVD. There
  • Shortcuts: The developers should utilize the shortcuts to make it easier for the users to switch views, save, cancel and ease the workflow of common app functionalities.
  • Multi-user: There is no multi-user support
  • iPhone sync
  • ESC: ESC button does not work
  • Photo manager media search: It would be useful for dentists to review old cases by X-Ray images, Though, there are no search or filter options and
  • Printing support: There is no printing support for the current version
  • Calendar/ Agenda view is simple without filtering search or multi-view support


iDentist is fine dental practice management for dentists and dental clinics, Its cheap provides offline-support and cloud sync (iCloud & Google Drive), It works very well on Mac OSX, It is good for dental clinics that do not require multi-users and multi-installs.


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