Backup your Android and iPhone photos and videos with Immich

Immich is a free, open-source self-hosted solution that helps you backup and upload your photos and videos to your own server.

Immich is written with Next.js framework, and uses TensorFlow, and PostgreSQL, Redis, over Nginx server.

It comes with full mobile support for Android and iOS systems.  Furthermore, it is an easy to setup and use system. With Docker-compose, it takes a few minutes to get everything up and ready.

This project is under heavy development, there will be continous functions, features and api changes.

Alternative for Google Photos

Google Photos allowed users to keep a free cloud backup of their photos and videos, but not anymore. Immich is doing pretty much the same but allowing users more control over their data by using their own personal servers.

Immich Features

  • Upload and view assets(videos/images).
  • Multi-user supported.
  • Quick navigation with drag scroll bar.
  • Auto Backup.
  • Support HEIC/HEIF Backup.
  • Extract and display EXIF info.
  • Real-time render from multi-device upload event.
  • Image Tagging/Classification based on ImageNet dataset
  • Object detection based on COCO SSD.
  • Search assets based on tags and exif data (lens, make, model, orientation)
  • Upload assets from your local computer/server using immich cli tools
  • [Optional] Reserve geocoding using Mapbox (Generous free-tier of 100,000 search/month)
  • Show asset's location information on map (OpenStreetMap).
  • Show curated places on the search page
  • Show curated objects on the search page
  • Full Docker and Docker-Compose support.
  • Android mobile support


The project is an open-source that is released under MIT License.


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Hazem Abbas

Written by Hazem Abbas

Medical Doctor by trade, but also a software developer. Linux Avid user. I write primary; open-source medical apps, dev tools and libraries I use, and off-topic like horse riding.
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