ITFlow: an Open-source system for MSPs and IT departments

What is ITFlow?

ITFlow is a software package to help manage IT departments, IT service companies, computer shops, computer maintenance shops, and MSPs (Managed Service Providers).

It is the open-source self-hosted equivalent and alternative to the popular IT management system “ITGlue”.  

ITFlow is a web-based self-hosted IT-asset management system that users can download, install and configure on a local or a remote system.

ITFlow prioritizes clients support and virtual products' management alongside other resources.

ITFlow features

What does ITFlow offer?

  1. Responsive user-interface
  2. Informative dashboard with summary boxes for income, expenses, current vendors, new clients, travels, and cash flow.
  3. Multiple accounts support
  4. Multi-tenant system: Once instance to support multiple companies, departments, and users.
  5. Permission and roles manager
  6. Audit logging system
  7. Supports multiple locations
  8. Advanced contact manager
  9. Full-text search
  10. In-system notification
  11. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) login
  12. Client portal: ITFlow's client portal allows customers (clients) to view and read invoices, quotes, payment information, and resources summaries.
  13. Invoicing: With ITFlow, the IT team can manage and automate clients' invoices, email them directly to the client on the due date, and automate recurrent invoices.
  14. Tickets manager: It assists in managing clients' tickets for certain services or a product.
  15. The network manager allows the network manager to keep track of several networks in one place.
  16. Mail list manager
  17. Password manager with AES encryption
  18. File and media manager to save, search, list all related docs and files like contacts, manuals, software licenses, backups, and more.
  19. Domain names manager and tracker
  20. Assets manager: helps in managing laptops, workstations, routers, switches, access points, phones, printers, and more.
  21. Vendor management: allows the IT team to manage and track vendors like an Internet service provider (ISP), hosting services, mailing services, and others.
  22. Quotes management with invoice automation which automates invoices and subscriptions after quotes are exceeded.
  23. Expanse tracking as an example allows the managers to track internal business expenses (office supplies, services, equipment) as well as external expanses.
  24. Income/ expanses summaries
  25. Profit and loss reports
  26. Built-in alerting and notification
  27. Past due invoices
  28. Task management
  29. Calendar, which aids in scheduling tasks, managing events, and more.
  30. With the calendar view, you can track expired domains, software licenses, invoice due dates, and more
  31. Download phonebook in XML format for VoIP phones
  32. FreePBX integration
  33. Mailing list integration
  34. Account Transfers / Deposits (Keep track of money transfers from account to account)
  35. Travel Mileage Tracking (Track your mileage to and from clients and other points of business)
  36. Charts and reporting

ITFlow under the hood

ITFlow uses PHP, MariaDB/ MySQL database, Bootstrap CSS Framework, and several JavaScript libraries.

The system is still under active development, so stay tuned for upcoming features.


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