Jam: The time for Open-source Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces Alternative

Jam: The time for Open-source Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces Alternative
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For someone who witnessed the old golden days of PalTalk, Clubhouse is a modern version of PalTalk with social networking characteristics rather than chat and messaging channels.

In different words, it is a social network which focuses on real-time voice conversations for groups. Although, it was first lunched for iOS users and with invites, many users could not join unless with workaround, it gained popularity among the new generation, especially for discussing politics.

But what about if a certain community wants to setup its own voice-based private social network? Here, the decision makers will face a problem with limited options: the idea is rather new and open-source developers need time to create the alternatives.

Lucky for us, we have Jam, an open-source voice social networks which can be installed on private servers and has similar features like Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces.

Jam is an audio space for groups for chatting, brainstorming, meetings and micro-conferences. It supports links, markdown, and more.

Unlike its competitors, Jam offers a full web-based experience beside a full iOS and Android support. It also works on Linux, Windows and macOS without limitation.

Anther critical feature that is unique to Jam is you can embed your chat, room or discussion board into a web app or a website without breaking a sweat, which is not possible with Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces.

Jam is brought to the world by 3 active open-source developers: @DoubleMalt, @Gregor Mitscha-Baude and @Thomas Schranz. They are actively developing, updating and upgrading the project.


  1. Easy to install
  2. Docker and Docker-compose setup
  3. Automatic update
  4. Regularly updates
  5. Supports Markdown
  6. Embedded links
  7. Can be integrated to WordPress, Shopify or Webflow.
  8. Animated reactions
  9. Branded Rooms
  10. iPhone and Android support
  11. Works seamlessly on Raspberry Pi (1+GB RAM) and $5 DigitalOcean droplet.
  12. Embed Jam chat in your website, web application or even mobile app.

Tech stack

Jam is built on top of Node.JS technologies (Express Framework), React framework, Redis, and more.

Install Jam

You can install your Clubhouse alternative on your server such as DigitalOcean (Referral link), the only requirement is having GIT, Docker and Docker-Compose installed.


Jam is a Libre Open-source project, which is released under GNU AFFERO General Public License version 3.


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