Jarvis is your open-source personal assistant

What is Jarvis?

Jarvis is a free, open-source personal voice assistant that takes your commands and turn them into actions. It also allows you to create and train new skills.

Jarvis package is written using Python, and it comes with developer-friendly API and documentation.

Unlike its competitors, Jarvis does not have a complex setup or configuration. You can get it up and running in no time.


  • Run primary on Linux (Ubuntu), but can be installed on Windows, Linux, and macOS
  • Using Python 3.8 and later
  • Easy to build and create new skills
  • CLI: Command-line interface
  • Supports voice customization

Assistant Skills

  • Opens a web page (e.g 'Jarvis open YouTube')
  • Play music in YouTube (e.g 'Jarvis play Mozart')
  • Increase/decrease the speakers master volume (also can set max/mute speakers volume) ** (e.g 'Jarvis volume up!')
  • Opens LibreOffice suite applications (Calc, Writer, impress) (e.g 'Jarvis open calc')
  • Tells about something, by searching on the internet (e.g 'Jarvis tells me about oranges')
  • Tells the weather for a place (e.g 'Jarvis tell_the_skills me the weather in London')
  • Tells the current time and/or date (e.g 'Jarvis tell me time or date')
  • Set an alarm (e.g 'Jarvis create a new alarm')
  • Tells the internet speed (ping, uplink and downling) (e.g 'Jarvis tell_the_skills me the internet speed')
  • Tells the internet availability (e.g 'Jarvis is the internet connection ok?')
  • Tells the daily news (e.g 'Jarvis tell me today news')
  • Spells a word (e.g 'Jarvis spell me the word animal')
  • Creates a reminder (e.g 'Jarvis create a 10 minutes reminder')
  • Opens linux applications (e.g 'Jarvis open bash/firefox')
  • Tells everything it can do (e.g 'Jarvis tell me your skills or tell me what can you do')
  • Tells the current location (e.g 'Jarvis tell me your current location')
  • Tells how much memory consumes (e.g 'Jarvis tell me your memory consumption)
  • Tells users commands history (e.g 'Jarvis tell me my history')
  • Write/tell 'remember' and enable learning mode and add new responses on demand! (e.g 'Jarvis remember')
  • Clear bash console (e.g 'Jarvis clear console')
  • Has help command, which prints all the skills with their descriptions (e.g 'Jarvis help')
  • Do basic calculations (e.g 'Jarvis (5 + 6) * 8' or 'Jarvis one plus one')
  • Change settings on runtime (e.g 'Jarvis change settings')

Assistant Features

  • Asynchronous command execution & speech recognition and interpretation
  • Supports two different user input modes (text or speech), user can write or speak in the mic.
  • Answers in general questions (via call Wolfram API), e.g ('Jarvis tell me the highest building')
  • Change input mode on run time, triggered by a phrase e.g 'Jarvis change settings')
  • Easy voice-command customization
  • Configurable assistant name (e.g 'Jarvis', 'Sofia', 'John' etc.) (change on run time supported)
  • Log preview in console
  • Vocal or/and text response
  • Keep commands history and learned skills in MongoDB.'


Jarvis is released under the MIT license.


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