Journal is a completely free and open-source software that aims to give users a simple and accessible way to create both private and public journals. You can use Journal to effortlessly create and manage your journals, and can choose to share your private ones with other users. The interface is both clutter-free and straightforward, with an intuitive design that makes it easy to use.

With its built-in dark mode, Journal is perfect for those who prefer to write in low-light conditions. Your privacy is paramount, which is why Journal uses data encryption to keep your journal entries safe and secure. Additionally, you can customize your journaling prompts to suit your personal preferences and writing style. Whether you're keeping a daily diary or want to document your thoughts and ideas, Journal has everything you need to get started and stay organized.

Journal offers various installation options. You can use Homebrew on macOS, Docker on Windows, Linux, and macOS, or install it from source on any VPS.


  • Responsive mobile friendly interface
  • Dark mode
  • Simple editor
  • Private or public journals
  • Secret link for sharing
  • Customizable journaling prompts
  • Data encryption with aes256 encryption.
  • Email alerts


  • MIT License


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