Journaley is an open-source, free Journaling app for Windows

Journaley is an open-source, free, and feature-rich journaling program for Windows platform. It is also a lightweight app which is about 2.5 MB.

Journaley is developed by YoungSeok Yoon, a developer from South Korea, and designed by Sammy Guergachi a UI/ UX designer from Canada.

Journaley is a straightforward app that does not have hidden features or a complex UI, It is meant to be used by everyday Windows users.

The app works on Windows 7 and higher. It is built using the C# programming language.

Journaley (src. Journaley)
Journaley (src. Journaley)

Journaley Features

  1. Journaley supports the popular Markdown formats
  2. Journaley features a straightforward Material user-interface
  3. It comes with words and characters statistics at the bottom
  4. Features a built-in notes viewer on the sidebar
  5. The user can favorite the note
  6. The notes can be tagged as a means to filter, browser notes easily.
  7. It comes with Trash to keep the deleted notes and journals until the user deletes them completely
  8. With Journaley you can browse focus on today's- and this week's journals.
  9. Journaley supports image attachments out of the box, however, it supports only one image per entry.
  10. It also features a full-screen image viewer
  11. The user can customize the fonts, colors
  12. It has a built-in spell-checker
  13. It is easy to change the journals' location as well as backup your journals
  14. Journaley offers password-protected journals options for users who want to keep their journals private.