Jrnl: Create your personal journals with style

Jrnl is a command-line journal and note-taking application for all old-school nerds who value the terminal.

Jrnl is created and maintained by several contributors who like the project and packed by many supporters.

Unlike other personal journaling systems, Jrnl comes with no constraints to a user interface, all it is required is: typing your journals, tagging them, encrypting them, and searching them with simple commands.


Encryption in Jrnl is using AES encryption, if you want to save and encrypt personal matters, it is there.


  1. Extremely easy to use, without any learning curve
  2. Stores your journals in plain-text
  3. Multiple journals support
  4. Sync your journals to Dropbox or similar services
  5. Encrypt your notes and journals with industry-proof encryption
  6. Tag journals
  7. Export your note in Multiple formats like JSON, Markdown, plain text, XML, and YAML
  8. Preview your notes boxed or fancy
  9. Works seamlessly with any text editor of your choice
  10. Works for Windows, Linux, and macOS
  11. Easy export your journals to files or specific directories

Install Jrnl

You can install Jrnl using Python 3.6+ and pipx.

pipx install jrnl

How to use Jrnl?

You can create journals simply as

Creating a simple note

jrnl today: met with some friends for coffee @murat @recep 

Yesterday's note

jrnl yesterday at 5am: Finished design mockup for the health-scheduler project

Using tags

jrnl Mounted Archery contest at Ankare with @Emre @Mo and @Hazem

Star a journal

jrnl fishing at Sazli bosna lake with friends *

You can star any journal by simple adding * to your note


Jrnl is released as free and open-source software under GPL-3.0 License.


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