KeeWeb is a multiplatform password manager with a full KeePass database support

What is the KeeWeb app?

KeeWeb is a free, open-source password manager for the desktop and the web. It is originally built by Antelle, a full-stack software developer from the Netherlands.

KeeWeb is fully packed with useful features which makes it favorable by many active internet users.

Beyond its desktop support, KeeWeb also works as a web application with full offline support, therefore, users can install it and run it locally or from remote servers.

Antelle also wrote a useful KDBX (KeePass password file manager) implementation in JavaScript and released it as an open-source.

KeeWeb Features

  1. KeeWeb is available for Windows, Linux, macOS and as a web application
  2. The web application is a self-hosted which means you can setup it on your server
  3. Full offline support, users can run the application without the need to access the internet
  4. A user-friendly responsive interface which works seamlessly on all screen sizes.
  5. The web version works smoothly with all modern web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Safari.
  6. Can be installed using Docker easily without the need to dive into a configuration hell
  7. KeeWeb is compatible with KeePass
  8. Multiple themes support
  9. Users can set colors per items
  10. KeeWeb offers a multiple file support
  11. Search: the user can search easily through all entries and files
  12. KeeWeb comes with a built-in cloud sync to Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, or your own self-hosted cloud as Nextcloud and ownCloud.
  13. Features an easily in-place tags input to organize, filter the entries
  14. History: KeeWeb history feature is yet another useful feature that allows users to audit all events  
  15. KeeWeb supports file attachments with an easy drag-and-drop which works with the browser and desktop apps.
  16. It offers a protected fields which are hidden by default, and stored only in memory unlike other fields.
  17. The built-in Password generator is yet another strong feature that comes with several options to generate an impregnable long complex passwords
  18. KeeWeb offers a set of customized shortcuts for Windows, Linux, macOS, and the web edition
  19. It also offers an advanced search options, where the user can search through certain customized fields like users, websites, secure fields, passwords, notes, and history.
  20. The user can switch between a list and a table layout
  21. KeeWeb comes with an inline image viewer which is a handy feature to record and display credit-card screenshot and images.
  22. A built-in automatic update options


KeeWeb is released and distributed under MIT License.


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