Ketchup: One of the First CMS Systems with Go Language

Ketchup is a free and open-source developer-first CMS written using the Go programming language. It uses React for the frontend.


  • BYO (bring your own) version-controlled templates. Develop your templates outside of Ketchup, and pull them in with built-in support for git.
  • Customizable editor. Templates declare content fields for frontend to render, so your editorial team can make edits easily.
  • First class JSON API. Use Ketchup as a headless CMS by fetching content programmatically to power your own static websites or single-page webapps.
  • Automatic HTTPS. Let's Encrypt certificate provisioning and renewal built-in.
  • Easy to deploy. One binary, database included.
  • Other features include file uploads, Markdown and WYSIWYG editors, content preview, etc.


  • Apache-2.0 License

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