Key gameplay moments for newcomers to Destiny 2

Key gameplay moments for newcomers to Destiny 2

D2 combines shooter and MMO RPG formats, where the player can completely devote himself to leveling up and shooting at opponents in order to fully develop his character and discover new gameplay moments while going through the storyline.

A storyline awaits you, aimed at repelling the threat of an alien invasion, in which all players must help their planet survive and gradually counterattack enemies, pushing them out of their territory.

You will fight on many planets and explore space.

You will be able to hunt monsters to replenish your supplies of ammo and glimmers and try to secure yourself a power leveling destiny 2 in order to get to the current Lightfall update, in which you will be able to master a new subclass and go to Neptune to Saint 13, who already has tasks for you in this war.


Regardless of which hero you choose, you will go through a basic tutorial to understand key gameplay points, learn how to shoot and move, use your basic skills and grenades, and learn all the ways to gain experience in Destiny 2.


You will choose a quest format to carry out orders from local NPCs and commanders, level up and receive glimmers and obtain new items of equipment and weapons.

Usually these are tasks that require killing monsters and sending messages and completing assignments in order to receive a boost in D2.

Secondary quests

These are quests that are simply overflowing with all the cities and locations of Destiny 2 and you can take them in almost unlimited quantities.

Typically, such quests do not carry a large number of rewards, but at the same time they allow you to collect them in large quantities and if you complete them all, you can receive noticeable rewards and experience for your efforts.

It is important to keep track of the rewards and where the task is completed so as not to take useless tasks that still take up space for quests that have their limit.


If you need a stable and independent way to gain experience and resources in Destiny 2, then pay attention to grinding, or hunting.

This is a format for gaining experience by destroying monsters. You can get a boost in D2 without being tied to quests, or combine them to be maximally integrated into the overall gameplay, or just enjoy shooting and destroying monsters without any special desires for the final story and character development.

Grind is usually used to collect resources and glimmers, but if desired, it can be made the main source of leveling up your hero, especially if you shoot accurately with headshots, or play as part of a group, where you join forces with a tank, mage, healer and attacking hero depending on your role in the formation of the group.

Such a squad will provoke a large number of monsters and hold them on itself in order to destroy them with targeted fire and increase the speed of killing monsters. Glimmers and experience will be shared among all participants, but due to the rate at which enemies are destroyed, all enemies will still have a big advantage in terms of leveling in Destiny 2.


Destiny 2 features a small raid format that allows the player to claim enhanced gear and weapons while still being able to operate without other players.

You will enter dangerous territory and attack the boss and his retinue for the opportunity to gain experience and rewards.

In fact, this is one of the many formats in which you do not need the help of other players, of course you can use attacks in a group of up to three people, but globally you can succeed alone.

You will need to try, because all the efforts of the boss and the guard will be concentrated on you, so you need to immediately deal with all the auxiliary units and only then turn your attention to the main boss.

In fact, you can go through all the strikes that suit your level and get a good boost in D2 and rewards corresponding to the level for your efforts.


In this format, players should already unite in groups, at least minimally, that is, you can find at least two more allies and clear the dungeon with a small squad, so as not to share a large number of rewards and experience.

Otherwise, the classic group will more reliably resist the boss at three difficulty levels, which will open and become available for assault after completing the previous one.

This way you can clear the normal difficulty level, which will become a stage of preparation and mastery of the main skills and tactics of the boss that need to be taken into account, because with an increase in the difficulty level, his damage and defense will increase, as well as the frequency of using unique skills and disguising their use, unlike the usual difficulty level.

Particularly valuable will be the Mythic raid difficulty, which allows players to have the highest chance of obtaining legendary gear and weapons for their level.

Remember that you can always choose the raidcarry service from the Skycoach service if for some reason you cannot complete the raid you need on your own due to personal bad luck or a bad team for the assault.

Boosters will help you complete the raid and at the same time leave you with all the potential rewards and experience, and you will receive them for all group members, which is very profitable.


You can at any time get acquainted with the contract system, which will allow you to carry out small in-game tasks such as shooting from a certain weapon, and if you manage to do this on time, then you will be able to gain experience, and if not, the task will be updated and all your achievements will not be saved.


You can always simply turn to the Skycoach service for help, which will provide your boost in Destiny 2 from any experience value to the desired level, right up to sending you to Neptune to Saint 13 in the Lightfall update.

You will be provided with all guarantees of security and anonymity and will be asked for your account.

When the task is completed, you will also receive all the items and weapons that you managed to obtain during the task.

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