Klik is a PHP-based Information Pool System, also known as a social media website. It includes a complete login/registration system, user profile system, chat room, forum system, and blog/polls/event management system.

Some of the key features of Klik include easy customization, flexibility, and scalability. Klik allows you to create your own social media website for communities, teams, clubs, schools, and more. With Klik, you can connect with other members, share information, and collaborate on projects.

The advantages of Klik include its ease of use, low cost, and ability to be customized to fit your specific needs. It is perfect for organizations that want to create their own social media platform without having to spend a lot of money on development costs.

Klik can be used in a variety of settings. Teachers and students can use Klik to collaborate on school projects. Sports teams and clubs can use Klik to communicate with each other and share information. Communities can use Klik to connect with one another and share news and events.

Overall, Klik is a powerful social media platform that offers a range of features and benefits. Whether you are looking to create a social media website for your organization or simply want to connect with others, Klik is a great choice.

The Dashboard provides a central interface to most features of the application. The User profile card in the upper left corner of the screen provides a profile summary, as well as a link to the profile and the profile-editing page. The creator button in the upper right corner provides a prominent link to the Team page, which showcases the KLiK Creators.

The 4 tab interface in the center provides access to latest, or most recently created Forums, Blogs, Polls and Events. The components show the individual characteristics of the respective elements, like total upvotes for a forum, likes for a blog, votes for a poll and days remaining for events. There are 2 more buttons, which go to the KLiK Forums (the central interface for the Forums) and the KLiK Hub (The central interface for the Blog, Poll and Event Management System).

Built-in chat

KLiK also has a chatbox, which uses PHP & AJAX for real-time chatting with other users. The section on the left is a list of all the users currently on the website, while the right chat screen is for displaying the ingoing and outgoing messages. A user can access a chat with a certain user by clicking on him/her in the users list, which will retrieve all the chat messages from the database. The ingoing and outgoing messages are styled differently in order to maintain readability. Chatting is done in real-time, without the need to refresh the page continuously.


  • Application dashboard and control panel
  • Full login/ registration and user authentication workflow
  • User-profile system
  • Forums system
  • In-app chatroom, inbox messaging system
  • Blog management system
  • Poll and voting management system
  • Events management system
  • Real-Time countdown on Event page

Tech Stack

  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • MySQL


  • MIT License


GitHub - msaad1999/KLiK-SocialMediaWebsite: Complete PHP-based Login/Registration system, Profile system, Chat room, Forum system and Blog/Polls/Event Management System.
Complete PHP-based Login/Registration system, Profile system, Chat room, Forum system and Blog/Polls/Event Management System. - GitHub - msaad1999/KLiK-SocialMediaWebsite: Complete PHP-based Login/…