Knowfox Is Your Free Personal Knowledge Manager

Knowfox Is Your Free Personal Knowledge Manager
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Knowfox is an open-source personal knowledge management system for organizing all personal information, taking notes, record journals and more. It is a web-based self-hosted that you can host at your private server or use it directly at your local machine.

It features a full-text search, a Markdown editor, photo management, and enables you to import your Evernote notebooks.

Moreover, it allows you to manage your bookmarks, and share everything you require with one click.


You can try it out here.

How does it look like?


  • Hierarchies. Inspired by Dave Winer's Worldoutline and Fargo, I want my knowledge base to have a deep structure, not be only two stories tall.
  • Tags. Where a single hierarchy is not enough, tags can link common topics in the least intrusive way. Since the times of Web 2.0, tags are everywhere.
  • Typed relationships. Sometimes though, hierarchies are too strict and tags are too loose. For example, I want to link authors to books, founders to companies, cause effecting. For this, typed, bidirectional relationships are king.
  • Markdown. There are other many similar and nice text formats, but Markdown is simple and popular and has won the race.
  • Bookmarking. I frequently take note of websites and like to mark them for later reading.
  • Pictures. My notes have lots of pictures. Mostly screenshots, but some photos or diagrams added as well.
  • Privacy. All my notes and pictures are mine and should be visible to no one.
  • Simple journaling. I used Evernote on a daily basis and will do so with Knowfox, too. Easy, date-based journaling is a feature I use every day.
  • Sharing. Sometimes I want to share a note and its pictures. This should be painless and explicit.
  • Publishing. Knowledge wants to be communicated sometimes. For this, I want to export a subtree of my hierarchy as a beautiful slide deck, effortlessly.


Knowfox is written in PHP and Blade engine, it also uses Vue JavaScript framework, and Docker for deployment.



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