Kuma: An enterprise control plane for almost anything

Kuma: An enterprise control plane for almost anything
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Kuma is an open-source general-purpose control panel system for distributed systems, service mesh, IoT, routing, and more.

It supports multiple mesh setups and comes with dozens of built-in metrics and customizable widgets, which makes it ideal for large-scale projects and IoT systems.

Kuma in action.

Kuma system is proven battle-tested in many enterprise use cases.

The system is written with Go programming language and uses PostgreSQL as a database backend.


  1. Easy to install and deploy
  2. Responsive user interface
  3. Many deployment options
  4. Multiple zones
  5. Automatic updates
  6. Proxy templates manager
  7. Universal control plan
  8. Lightweight data plan
  9. Automatic DP injection
  10. Multi-Mesh injection
  11. Single and multiple zones
  12. Automatic Discovery & Ingress
  13. Permission management
  14. Auditing
  15. Versioning
  16. Caching system
  17. Supports many services API
  18. Multiple users and teams
  19. Multiple platforms
  20. Supports internal and external services
  21. Traffic routing, permissions, injection, logs, tracing, metrics
  22. Proxy configuration
  23. Gateway support
  24. Health checks
  25. Network overlay

Install options

Kuma is an agnostic platform that does not support only multiple services but also supports install on many enterprise-ready systems.

  1. Kubernetes
  2. OpenShift
  3. Docker
  4. Helm
  5. Amazon Linux
  6. Amazon ECS
  7. Amazon EKS
  8. CentOS
  9. RedHat
  10. Debian
  11. Ubuntu
  12. macOS

Kuma can be configured via CRD (Custom Resources Definitions) on Kubernetes and also via REST-API in other environments.

It also plays well with CI/CD workflows.


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