Laravel Herd 1.9 is Out, A relieve to Laravel Developers for Better Local development on Windows, and macOS

Introducing Laravel Herd: A Game-Changer for Local Development

Laravel Herd 1.9 is Out, A relieve to Laravel Developers for Better Local development on Windows, and macOS

As a Laravel developer, staying updated with the latest tools and releases is crucial for maintaining efficiency and enhancing the development experience.

The Laravel ecosystem is known for its robust and developer-friendly tools, and the recent release of Laravel Herd is no exception. In this blog post, we will explore what Laravel Herd is, its primary features, and the new functionalities it brings to the table.

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What is Laravel Herd?

Laravel Herd is a new tool designed to simplify and enhance the local development environment for Laravel applications.

Built by the creators of Laravel, Herd aims to provide developers with a seamless and efficient way to manage local development without the usual hassle of configuring various services and dependencies manually.

Laravel Herd is the real alternative, for the local PHP development platforms in Windows like XAMPP, LAMP and MAMP.

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Primary Features of Laravel Herd

1. Unified Local Development Environment:

Herd integrates all the necessary components required for Laravel development into a single, cohesive environment. This includes PHP, Composer, MySQL, Redis, and other essential services.

2. Simplified Configuration:

With Herd, setting up a new Laravel project becomes incredibly straightforward.

It eliminates the need for complex configurations, allowing developers to focus more on writing code rather than managing their development environment.

3- Cross-Platform Support:

Herd is designed to work seamlessly across different operating systems, including macOS, Windows, and Linux. This ensures that developers can enjoy a consistent development experience regardless of their platform of choice.

4- Performance Optimization:

Herd is optimized for performance, providing a fast and responsive local development environment.

It leverages lightweight containers and efficient resource management to minimize overhead and maximize productivity.

5- Integrated Tools and Services:

Herd comes pre-configured with essential tools and services commonly used in Laravel development.

This includes support for popular databases, caching systems, and other auxiliary services that are often needed during development.

New Features in Laravel Herd

Instant Project Initialization:

Herd introduces a new feature that allows developers to instantly initialize a new Laravel project with a single command.

This feature significantly reduces the time and effort required to start a new project, making the onboarding process smoother for both new and experienced developers.

Pre-Configured Environments:

The latest release of Herd includes several pre-configured environments tailored for different stages of development, such as local development, testing, and staging.

These environments come with optimized settings to match the specific needs of each stage.

Seamless Database Management:

Herd now offers an improved database management interface that allows developers to easily create, manage, and interact with databases directly from the Herd dashboard.

This feature simplifies database operations and enhances productivity.

Enhanced Docker Integration:

With the new release, Herd has improved its Docker integration, providing better support for containerized applications.

This includes optimized Docker configurations and streamlined workflows for building, running, and managing Docker containers.

Advanced Caching Mechanisms:

Herd introduces advanced caching mechanisms that improve the performance of local development environments.

These caching mechanisms are designed to reduce load times and enhance the overall responsiveness of applications during development.

Integrated Debugging Tools:

The latest version of Herd comes with integrated debugging tools that provide developers with powerful insights into their applications.

These tools include detailed error reporting, performance profiling, and real-time monitoring, making it easier to identify and resolve issues.


Laravel Herd is set to revolutionize the local development experience for Laravel developers. By offering a unified, cross-platform environment with simplified configuration and powerful new features, Herd makes it easier than ever to develop, test, and deploy Laravel applications.

Whether you are starting a new project or looking to streamline your existing workflow, Laravel Herd provides the tools and functionality needed to boost productivity and enhance the overall development experience.

Stay ahead of the curve and explore the capabilities of Laravel Herd to take your local development to the next level. Happy coding!

Explore Laravel Herd and see how it can transform your development workflow: Laravel Herd

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