Lark is an incredible professional assistant that can transform the way you work. Its features and capabilities are made possible by the integration of advanced technologies such as GPT-4, DALL路E, and Whisper. With Lark, you can streamline your daily tasks and enhance your productivity like never before.

Its intelligent and intuitive design allows you to focus on what really matters, while it takes care of the rest. Lark is more than just an assistant, it's a game-changer that can help you achieve your goals and reach new heights in your career.


  • 馃棧Voice Communication: Private Direct Says with Robots
  • 馃挰Multi-topic dialogue: support private and group chat multi-topic discussion, efficient and coherent
  • 馃柤Text graph: supports text graph and graph search
  • 馃洊Scene preset: built-in rich scene list, one-click switch AI role
  • 馃幁Role play: Support scene mode, add fun and creative discussion
  • 馃AI mode: Built-in 4 AI modes, feel the wisdom and creativity of AI
  • 馃攧Context preservation: reply dialog to continue the same topic discussion
  • 鈴癆utomatic end: timeout automatically end the dialogue, support to clear the discussion history
  • 馃摑Rich text card: support rich text card reply, more colorful information
  • 馃憤Interactive Feedback: Instant access to robot processing results
  • 馃幇Balance query: obtain token consumption in real time
  • 馃敊History Back to File: Easily Back to File History Dialogue and Continue Topic Discussion馃毀
  • 馃敀Administrator mode: built-in administrator mode, use more secure and reliable馃毀
  • 馃寪Multi-token load balancing: Optimizing high-frequency call scenarios at the production level
  • 鈫╋笍 Support reverse proxy: provide faster and more stable access experience for users in different regions
  • 馃摎Interact with Flying Book Documents: Become a Super Assistant for Enterprise Employees馃毀
  • 馃帴Topic Content Seconds to PPT: Make Your Report Simpler from Now on馃毀
  • 馃搳Table Analysis: Easily import flying book tables to improve data analysis efficiency馃毀
  • 馃崐Private data training: use the company's product information for GPT secondary training to better meet the individual needs of customers.馃毀

Deployment options

  • Local deployment
  • Replit
  • Docker
  • Serverless deployment
  • Railway deployment
  • Docker-compose


  • Go lang


ConnectAI鈥斺擜n advanced enterprise-level AI application and low-code platform, an all-in-one seamless connection of AI with office collaboration tools, leveraging AI comprehensively to enhance organizational and individual efficiency. Powered by Connect-AI, leading the way for innovative teams.
The Next Enterprise-level AI platform. Empower every employee in the enterprise, based on Lark
GitHub - ConnectAI-E/Lark-OpenAI: 馃帓 Lark 脳 (GPT-4 + DALL路E + Whisper) = your professional assistant 馃殌
馃帓 Lark 脳 (GPT-4 + DALL路E + Whisper) = your professional assistant 馃殌 - GitHub - ConnectAI-E/Lark-OpenAI: 馃帓 Lark 脳 (GPT-4 + DALL路E + Whisper) = your professional assistant 馃殌