Legendary: A Journaling self-hosted system for writers

Legendary is a free, open-source journaling web system for writers who want to formulate their ideas into a book.

It features a Markdown editor, books and chapters manager, photo and file uploader, and more.

The system works seamlessly offline, as you can download it and run it on a local server on your machine.

The Markdown editor supports links, codes, tables, image insertion, full-screen mode, and live preview.

Legendary does not only depend on chapters and books to organize the content, it also uses tags to classify the content and makes it easy to browse.

The trash option is another fine feature that we didn't find in similar note and editor apps. This feature helps the writer recover the deleted and trashed materials with one click.

Unfortunately, the app does not have a search option so far, but it may get one shortly. The repo also does not contain enough details about the setup or any Docker image to install it on local machines or servers. But, hey, it is still under active development.

Legendary is built with ASP.NET Core 2.0 and was released under MIT license.


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