Leon is your next open-source personal assistant

Leon is an open-source personal assistant who can live on your server.

Leon is a next-generation open-source personal virtual assistant, that aims for providing a unique personalized experience.

The project is written using web technologies, and you can download, install it at your local machine or remote server.

Leon is the brain child of Louis Grenard, who is the lead developer on the project. The project now is a community based the development continues by several contributors.


  1. Easy-to-setup
  2. Developer-friendly
  3. Built with web technologies
  4. Does not require time or effort to create new skills
  5. Comes with full support to many text-to-speech engines
  6. Supports several speech-to-text systems
  7. Self-hosted: own your data
  8. Can be easily installed using Docker
  9. Rich documentation
  10. Supported by a large community of developers

Download and install Leon


  • Node.js >= 16
  • npm >= 8
  • Supported OSes: Linux, macOS and Windows

To install these prerequisites, you can follow the How To section of the documentation.


# Install the Leon CLI
npm install --global @leon-ai/cli

# Install Leon (stable branch)
leon create birth
# OR install from the develop branch: leon create birth --develop


# Check the setup went well
leon check

# Run
leon start

# Go to http://localhost:1337
# Hooray! Leon is running

Docker Installation

# Install Leon
leon create birth --docker

# Run
leon start

# Go to http://localhost:1337
# Hooray! Leon is running


Leon is released under the MIT License


  1. https://github.com/leon-ai/leon
  2. https://getleon.ai/
  3. https://docs.getleon.ai/

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