What is LessPass?

LessPass is a free, web-based password manager for individuals. The project is maintained by a large community of developers and software engineers.

LessPass uses PBKDF2 with 100,000 iterations and a hash function sha-256. Password generation is based on pure functions.


  1. The project is released and licensed as an open-source under GPLv3.
  2. Extremely easy to use even for non-technical users
  3. CLI (command-line) interface
  4. One master password
  5. No-sync required
  6. Manages complex passwords
  7. Comes with a password generator
  8. Mobile support: iOS, Android
  9. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox support
  10. Detects master password error without revealing the password
  11. With LessPass you can generate strong unique passwords for email accounts, website logins, and software auth.
  12. It works completely offline without the need of a database
  13. Easy to install setup, and configure on your own server using Docker and Docker-Compose


GPLv3 License.