LibreHealth Essential Care For Babies is a free open-source Android application to provide clinical decision-support for nurses and doctors delivering essential newborn care interventions during the first day of life.

This application provides knowledge, skills, and competencies to nurses and doctors in low/middle-income settings so that they can provide life-saving care to newborns from birth through 24 hours postnatal. App uses DHIS2 as backend & can be setup for any hospital/organization


  • Ability to track multiple babies at a time
  • Time-stamping births to generate an essential newborn care clock for each baby being tracked in the app
  • Automated classification of babies health status, based on results from observations and assessments that are conducted during the first 2 hours after birth
  • Automated advice on management of babies, based on their classification; Reminders/alerts to provide recommended essential newborn care interventions
  • If particular interventions are not delivered on time, or at all, capture of information regarding why this essential newborn care was late, or missed
  • Risk Assessments
  • Doctor schedule
  • Monitoring option
  • Track multiple babies


The project is released under the Mozilla Public License 2.0.