LIMBAS: Build a Database-Powered Enterprise Apps with ease

LIMBAS: Build a Database-Powered Enterprise Apps with ease

LIMBAS is a framework for  building enterprise applications for medium and large-scale companies.

With LIMBAS, you don't need to re-invent the wheel or start from scratch as it offers you the tools for building highly performed applications.

LIMBAS is  a good option for prototyping because it's fast, offers powerful tools that ease the production. It can be used to create all sort of database-powered applications.

The project is already used by several companies in Europe (Germany and Switzerland).


  1. PHP-powered
  2. Supports many database engines: MySQL, PostgreSQL, maxDB, MSSQL, and ingres.
  3. Table building tools
  4. Reporting and graphs
  5. Easy to use user-interface
  6. Backup and restore tools
  7. Users managers
  8. Advanced rules and permissions manager
  9. Support SOAP and WEBDAV interfaces
  10. Calendar support
  11. Graphical wizards for reporting, building views and forms
  12. Table editor
  13. Form editor
  14. File and assets manager
  15. Scripting support
  16. DB Query editor
  17. Import and export options
  18. Workflow engine
  19. Graph editor
  20. Kanban support
  21. Speech recognition
  22. Multi-lingual support (incomplete)
  23. Works seamlessly in Linux servers


LIMBAS is well documented for developers and system admins. However, LIMBAS's team offers professional enterprise support through "Limbas GmbH" which is located in Germany.

The enterprise support includes training, consultation and system setup as well as custom development and system integrations.

LIMBAS + healthcare

LIMBAS can be used to create EMR/ EHR application, clinical manager solutions and logs manager. It also can be used as a complete integrated system to create a custom solution required by hospitals and clinic managers.