Create your own Link-in-bio with these self-hosted App: lynk

Create your own Link-in-bio with these self-hosted App: lynk

In the digital realm, a developer's online presence is crucial. From showcasing projects to promoting one's work, having a one-stop link-in-bio page has never been more important. Enter lynk, an open-source, self-hosted link-in-bio clone designed to meet the unique needs of developers.

What sets lynk apart is its flexibility and customization. Each page can be tailored to the developer's individual needs and preferences. Whether you want to showcase your latest projects, share your blog posts, or direct visitors to your social media channels, lynk has got you covered.


Lynk is powered by a robust set of technologies:

  • MDX: This enables the addition of interactive content, giving your page a dynamic feel.
  • Next.js: This allows for Static Site Generation (SSG), resulting in lightning-fast load times that enhance user experience.
  • next-seo: This enriches your site with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), making it easier for others to discover your page.
  • SCSS: This provides a way to customize the look of your site, ensuring it aligns with your personal brand.
  • Typescript: Because it's 2023 and modern web development embraces the benefits of static typing.

Lynk is more than a link-in-bio solution—it's a powerful tool for developers looking to increase their online visibility, showcase their work, and connect with their audience. Start customizing your page with lynk today!

How to Install?

  1. Fork the chroline/lynk template repository. This will give you a blank canvas for your lynk instance. Alternatively, use degit to scaffold your project by running degit chroline/lynk.
  2. Clone your forked repository to your local machine with the command git clone *YOUR_REPO*.
  3. Customize your instance and add content.
  4. Once finished, your Lynk page is ready to go!

Where to Deploy?

Thanks to the powerful JAMStack technologies behind lynk, you can confidently deploy your instance to premier serverless/static web hosts such as Vercel or Netlify.

It can be also deployed to GitHub Pages, or any server easily.


  • MIT License

Resources & Downloads

GitHub - chroline/lynk: ⛓ open-source “link in bio” clone
⛓ open-source “link in bio” clone. Contribute to chroline/lynk development by creating an account on GitHub.

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