Seamlessly manage your bookmark collections with this remarkable open-source project: LinkAce

Open-source, Free and Self-hosted Bookmark collection manager for individuals and teams.

Seamlessly manage your bookmark collections with this remarkable open-source project: LinkAce
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If you like to explore the internet and spending time searching and looking for different topics and interests, then you probably have a large collection of links, websites and articles. You certainly need a solution to organize this collection. Well, LinkAce is your answer.

LinkAce is a free open-source self-hosted bookmarking archiving and collection solution. It is designed with the primary goal to help users store, archive, tag and classify their bookmarks with ease.

The project is created by Kavin Woblick an open-source developer and enthusiast from Germany.

If you remember or were an enthusiastic user of; the bookmark sharing social network, then you must remember the sad news of how it shut down, and the data lost for thousands of users who could not back up their bookmarks.

Then you will appreciate keeping your data save on your own server with LinkAce.

LinkAce is effortless to setup and use. It comes with a responsive user interface. It supports multiple users who can create their own lists (collections), tag their bookmarks, share them and keep updated with the freshly added links.

It is an outstanding solution for teams, communities even family members and a nice approach to keep your bookmarks private and safe.

The project is packed by a strong community of users and developers who translated it to several languages, create third-party tools and keep the documentation refresh.


  1. Open-source
  2. Self-hosted
  3. Automatic archiving
  4. Link monitoring
  5. Tagging
  6. Lists categories
  7. Dark mode and light mode
  8. Searching
  9. Filtering and advancing filtering
  10. Developer-friendly REST API
  11. Share
  12. Private link
  13. RSS feeds
  14. Bookmarklet Browser friendly extensions
  15. Automated backup and monitoring
  16. Internet Archive integration
  17. Guest mode
  18. Link title, description, unlimited
  19. Import and export of bookmarks from HTML.
  20. Amazon AWS backup
  21. Share on Twitter, WhatsApp, Reddit, Facebook
  22. Docker installation support
  23. Links can be private or public, so friends or internet strangers may see your collection.

Tech stack

The project is created using PHP and depends on MySQL as a database backend. However, LinkAce can be installed also on top of SQLite and PostgreSQL as well.

The current version of LinkAce requires PHP 7.3, 7.4, 8.0 with several PHP extensions. It also requires an active secure MySQL database.

You can install LinkAce with Docker in few steps.


LinkAce is an open-source project who was released first under MIT license then changed later to GPL v3.


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