What is LinTO ?


LinTO a great and efficient assistant, very interesting and intelligent product  with many features  that have no other any product. It has much grate privacy and security features for businesses meeting and also calling to grow the business.

LinTO is an open source business assistant that you can customize to do bidding, being an AI technology. Voice operated that allows users to maintain the complete software and hardware clients that use voice as a natural user interface.

LinTO boost employee productivity in hands-free processes, it facilitates management in users office, you can use it in meeting room that have multible speaker speech, it's also used when you need to add voice access to your end customer applications, you can use it as an engine for privacy  by design smart assistant.


  1. Support voice control
  2. It is come with a business wise dictionary
  3. Integrates seamlessly in your workflows
  4. Increase productivity
  5. Open source
  6. It enables you to deploy voice control effectively and efficiently
  7. it comes with an enterprise solution
  8. LinTO used for Raspberry Pi client
  9. Private
  10. Smart assistant
  11. Cheap
  12. Easy integration
  13. Automated skills deployment
  14. Client server platform


LinTO is released under the GNU Affero General Public Licence V3.