Liso App Is An Open-source Decentralized Private Data Vault

An open-source data management application that focuses mainly on securely storing private information and files. Think of 1Password, in a decentralized manner. Combined with a Crypto Wallet!

Liso App Is An Open-source Decentralized Private Data Vault
Liso Open-source Password Manager

Liso is a free open-source decentralized password manager that goes beyond keeping your password safe in a secure vault. It helps you keep a record of all of your private data information secured.

The project is written by Oliver Martinez who is an open-source developer and enthusiast.

Liso is primarily written in the Dart language and Flutter framework.  


Liso uses a powerful decentralized network of computers to route your files, making it impossible for anyone to leak or sell your data. You have the option to choose your provider: IPFS, Sia, Storj, and Skynet.


Zero-Knowledge: No phone number or email is needed to create a Liso Vault Decentralized: Makes data breaches and central point of failures a thing of the past No-Logging: Liso doesn't store, track, or log your data Open-source: Check Liso's code yourself Offline Mode: You have the choice to use the app 100% offline


  • Biometric Authentication
  • Upload, Download, and Manage Files
  • Seamlessly sync across multiple devices
  • Multi-Vaults Support
  • 2 Factor Item Protection
  • Unlimited Devices
  • Unlimited Items
  • Export / Import Vault

User choices: Free or Pro?

Liso App is packed by an optional affordable secure web vault that offers two options: FREE which comes with a rich features set, and Liso Pro for $0.8/ Month.

Supported Platforms

  • iOS
  • Android
  • macOS
  • Windows
  • Linux (soon)
  • Web (soon)


The project is released under the GPL-3.0 License.

Open source Status

The current state of Liso being open-source is for self-auditing purposes only. This means some code are not included as they contain secrets proprietary for Liso as a business, in result you will be unable to successfully build the source.


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