Livly - Open-source Slack leave management

Livly - Open-source Slack leave management

Livly is an exceptional open-source Slack leave management tool that empowers users to effortlessly request various types of leave, including vacation or sick leave.

This incredible tool necessitates an approver to promptly review and make decisions on these requests, with notifications being promptly delivered to their personal chats. Moreover, users are promptly notified about the approval or denial of their leave requests.

One of the remarkable aspects of Livly is its daily notifications, which provide valuable insights into who is on leave on any given day. This ingenious feature eliminates the burden of users having to remember who is out of the office.

Additionally, Livly offers a comprehensive overview on its Home page, where users can effortlessly access crucial data regarding their team's leave. This ensures that leave management within a team is a seamless, efficient, trustworthy, and transparent process.


API & Features of Livly:

  • Event Subscriptions:
    • app_home_opened: Receive an event when a user opens the Livly home page. This allows us to refresh the content on the home page and show the user the latest information.
    • channel_left: Receive an event when the app is kicked from a channel. This lets us know that the bot cannot post new messages in that channel anymore.
    • app_uninstalled: Receive an event when the app is deleted from a workspace. This allows us to delete the token for that workspace.
  • Bot Token Scopes:
    • channels:join: Join public channels so that Livly can post leave notifications.
    • channels:read: Show all channels that Livly can join.
    • chat:write: Send notifications about new leave in a public channel.
    • im:history: View messages and other content in direct messages that Livly has been added to.
    • im:write: Send messages to private chat with users.
    • team:read: Read basic information about the workspace.
    • users:read: View users in the workspace.
  • Block Kit Messages with Interactive Buttons: Livly uses Block Kit messages with interactive buttons to enhance user interaction and engagement.
  • Block Kit Modals API with Dynamic Menus: Livly utilizes the Block Kit Modals API to create dynamic menus, providing users with a seamless and intuitive experience.


  • MIT License

Resources & Download

GitHub - JankoLancer/livly: Free open-source leave management app for Slack
Free open-source leave management app for Slack. Contribute to JankoLancer/livly development by creating an account on GitHub.

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