Lufi is an open-source E2E encrypted file sharing software

Looking for a simple web-based file sharing software, with a strong encryption? Then Lufi may be your answer.

Lufi is a self-hosted drop file sharing solution that comes with E2E encryption. It also tested and proven great on Firefox, Google Chrome,  Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, Safari and mobile browsers as iOS, and Android.

It is an open-source, free alternative to, and, but it puts you in control of your data.

Lufi is an ideal solution for designers, creative teams, freelancers, and UI/ UX experts.

Is that all? No. All the files are encrypted by the browser! It means that your files never leave your computer unencrypted.

The administrator of the Lufi instance you use will not be able to see what is in your file, neither will your network administrator, nor even your ISP.

The encryption key part of the URL is an anchor, that means this part is only processed client-side and does not reach the server.


  1. Easy to setup, configure and use
  2. Does not require extensive hardware resource
  3. Comes with a responsive user-interface
  4. Allows automatically delete the file after the first download
  5. Automatically create a zipped archive
  6. Set a timer for file deletion
  7. Supports easy drag and drop on a responsive file drop area
  8. Allows user to set up a password to protect their files
  9. Supports multiple languages
  10. Users can report files to the admin
  11. Users can browse their files
  12. Encrypted files by default


The solution is completely and free and open-source which is released under the AGPL License.


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