Macronize, is a free Macro Builder and Recorder

Macronize, is a free Macro Builder and Recorder

Introducing Macronize, an open-source macro builder designed to boost productivity and save valuable time. With Macronize, you can automate your Windows programs and apps by recording or adding precise steps, known as macro actions, and playing them back effortlessly.

Imagine never having to perform repetitive tasks manually or spend time copying and pasting data between different programs. Macronize empowers you to take full control of your computer, automating multiple programs and combining their power for maximum efficiency.

Whether you need to perform a specific task at a certain time, monitor changes on your screen or disk and respond accordingly, or create a YouTube tutorial without the need to click while explaining, Macronize has got you covered.

With Macronize, you can unlock the full potential of automation, increasing productivity, and reclaiming valuable time that can be dedicated to more important tasks. Best of all, Macronize is an open-source app, meaning it's freely available for you to use, customize, and contribute to its ongoing development.

Boost your productivity, save time, and simplify your tasks with Macronize - the ultimate automation tool.


Key Features of Macronize:

  • Record and play back mouse clicks and key presses, eliminating the need for repetitive manual actions.
  • Automate multiple programs, allowing you to harness their combined power and streamline your workflow.
  • Copy and paste data seamlessly between different programs, saving time and effort.
  • Schedule tasks to be executed at specific times, ensuring timely and accurate automation.
  • Monitor changes on your screen or disk and trigger actions based on these changes, enhancing efficiency and adaptability.
  • Create engaging YouTube tutorials without the need to synchronize clicks with your narration, simplifying the content creation process.

Operating Systems

  • Windows


GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)

Resources & Downloads

Macronize, a macro builder and recorder
Download Macronize, a macro builder and recorder for free. Macronize, a precise macro builder to automate your apps on Windows. Macronize, a macro builder, a mouse click and key press recorder with which you can automate your Windows programs and apps throught recording or adding precise steps (macro actions) and playing them back. A macro is a series of steps to automate your computer.
18 Free Libre Macro Builder and Generator for System Automation to Speed up Your Productivity
A macro software is a tool that allows users to automate repetitive tasks by recording and replaying sequences of actions or by creating custom scripts. It is commonly used in Windows operating systems to streamline workflows and increase productivity. Some common use cases for macro software in Windows include: 1.
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