MailSlurper is a lightweight SMTP mail server and a client solution for geeks, teams, developers and hackers.

It offers a responsive user-interface which works smoothly on desktop browsers as well as small screen navigators.

MailSlurper is developed by Adam Presley who generously released it to the world for free as an open-source project.

MailSlurper demo
MailSlurper demo 


  1. Responsive user-interface
  2. Messages search with advanced filters support
  3. Attachment capture
  4. Rich documentation
  5. Save frequently used searches
  6. Search for mails by subject, body, sender, or recipient
  7. Runs on Windows, Linux and macOS
  8. SSL support
  9. Basic user authentication
  10. Configurable port
  11. Themes
  12. Supports multiple database engines: SQLite, MySQL and MSSQL.


MailSlurper is released as an open-source software under MIT license.