Mainsail - Remotely Control Your 3D Printer

Mainsail - Remotely Control Your 3D Printer

What is Klipper?

Klipper is a firmware for 3D printers that unifies the power of a general-purpose computer with one or more micro-controllers. It is particularly suitable for high-speed 3D printing, being used by many high-speed 3D printers such as the Creality K1 series, Flashforge 5M, and Twotrees SK1.

The host software of Klipper only requires Python running on a Linux or similar computer. However, to run it on a different machine, Linux admin knowledge is needed to install the system prerequisites.

Mainsail, to the rescue!

Mainsail is the Klipper's modern and responsive user interface allows easy control and monitoring of your printer from any device. It's designed to be user-friendly, anticipates user needs, and is easily accessible.

Key Features

Pure Open-source

The team works closely with other project developers for early function implementation and it's 100% open source, welcoming contributions from anyone.

Responsive user-interface

Mainsail is a user-friendly web interface designed to manage and control 3D printers with Klipper. It's aimed at making Klipper more accessible by providing a lightweight, responsive web user interface. Its design philosophy emphasizes intuitiveness and consistency.

One of the key features of Mainsail is its responsive web interface. It's optimized for all devices, be it desktops, tablets, or mobile phones, offering flexibility and ease of access.

Supports Printer farms

Mainsail stands out with its support for Printer Farms. This feature allows it to handle multiple 3D printers simultaneously, catering to the requirements of large-scale projects.

Multiple languages support

The application supports Localization, offering the choice between 12 different languages. This makes it accessible and user-friendly to non-English speakers.

Productivity-focused file manager

Mainsail's File Manager feature simplifies the management of G-Code and config files. Users can easily delete, rename, and upload these files through the interface.

File Editor

The built-in File Editor is another valuable addition. It allows users to edit G-Code and config files directly in the browser, complete with syntax highlighting for ease of use.

Access Print History

The Print History feature offers users a glance at their previous prints and their statuses. This is an efficient way of tracking progress and identifying any recurring issues.

In-app Statistics

Finally, Mainsail offers Statistics about your printer's usage. This feature shows how much time your printer has been in operation, and the number of jobs that have succeeded or failed, providing valuable insights into your printer's performance.

Other Notable Features

  • Job Queue: With the Job Queue feature, you have the ability to queue multiple jobs conveniently and add them directly from your slicer, ensuring a seamless printing process.
  • Temperature Presets: Managing different temperature presets for easy preheating becomes a breeze with our Temperature Presets feature, allowing you to maintain optimal printing conditions.
  • Bed Mesh Visualisation: With the Bed Mesh Visualisation feature, you can view your bed using a 3D mesh graph, providing you with a comprehensive view of your printing surface.
  • G-Code Viewer: The G-Code Viewer lets you view a 3D render of your print and closely follow the progress of your printing job.
  • Multi-Webcam Support: With our Multi-Webcam Support, you can view your print from multiple angles, offering you a more detailed perspective of your printing process.
  • Timelapse Integration: The Timelapse Integration feature allows you to automatically record a timelapse of your print using moonraker-timelapse, enabling you to monitor and review your printing process.
  • Power Control: Our Power Control feature allows you to control various power devices such as relays, TP-Link and Tasmota devices, and more, offering you greater control over your printing environment.
  • Powerful Macro-Management: The Powerful Macro-Management feature helps you manage your macros at a micro level, ensuring every detail is taken care of.
  • Configurable Dashboard: Create your own personal dashboard with the Configurable Dashboard feature, allowing you to have instant access to your most important controls and settings.
  • Theming Support: With the Theming Support feature, you can create a customizable user interface including logos, backgrounds, and custom CSS, letting you personalize your workspace.
  • Additional Sensors: With the Additional Sensors feature, you can add extra sensors to the temperature graph, enabling you to monitor your print environment with precision.
  • Exclude Objects: The Exclude Objects feature allows you to exclude parts of your print (please note that this feature is not officially supported by Klipper yet).


Mainsail is released as an open-source project under the GPL-3.0 License.

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