Makhber: An Open-source data visualization and analysis package

Makhber is a lightweight open-source multi-platform data analysis, visualization and plotting application. It works smoothly on Windows, Linux (Tested on Solus OS, Ubuntu and Zorin Linux) and macOS.

It is created "Mehdi Chinoune" a developer from Algeria. Although the product is fairly new and in active development, Mehdi took time and effort to create a production-ready package for Linux, Windows and macOS.

The app uses C++ and Python which explains the lighting speed performance and experience.

Linux's users are lucky with its different packages releases for Ubuntu/ Debian (.deb package), Fedora 34 (.rpm package),  Flatpak package and AppImage.

Currently, Makhber only supports Windows 64 bits. macOS Darwin package is also available in (.dmg).


  1. Clean user-interface
  2. A simple learning curve
  3. Image analysis
  4. ASCII import/ export
  5. Plot wizard
  6. Templates manager
  7. Scripting support
  8. Plot manager
  9. 3D plots
  10. Statistical analysis support
  11. Table view
  12. Data-types modifiers
  13. PDF export
  14. Table manager
  15. Table operations
  16. Formulas
  17. Comments support
  18. Export table data to ASCII


  1. Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Manjaro, Arch Linux, openSUSE, Solus OS, Zorin)
  2. Windows (Windows 10 64-bit)
  3. macOS


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