Manage your tiny breaks with Mikropausen

Manage your tiny breaks with Mikropausen
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Prolonged setting while working on computer results in several health issues. Developers, Designers, DevOps, and Technical support can suffer from serious issues unless they manage their breaks.

Some use Pomodoro technique, which proven efficient and productive. Others may use time-tracking solutions to manage everything tasks, time, invoices, and breaks.

But, what about if you want to manage your breaks only? Mikropausen is your answer from Germany.

Mikropausen is a lightweight electron-based software for managing work breaks.

The app is developed by "Connectdata GMBH"; a software development agency in Leer, Germany.

It helps the user organize his work breaks to avoid tension, strained eye, bad posture and other health issues from prolonged settings.

Mikropausen (Micro-pauses in English), organize a short break every 20 mins to relax, stretch, remove the tension of focused eyes on the screen, eyes exercises and more.

Here is what Mikropausen helps you with to keep you focused and productive:

1- Move your eyes from left to right and back to the center several times.

  • Eyes are in the middle
  • Move both eyes to the left without turning your head
  • Move both eyes to the right without turning your head
  • Move eyes back to center

2- Blink your eyes.

  • Close and open your eyes at high speed

3- Focus on a point in the distance with your eyes.

  • Choose a point as far away as possible
  • focus only on that one point

4- Stand up and stretch.

  • Get up first
  • straighten your arms up
  • try to make yourself as long as possible
  • the feet stay firmly on the ground

5- Circle your eyes clockwise / counterclockwise.

  • Slowly move your eyes clockwise
  • try to circle as slowly and as far as possible
  • do not turn your head

6- Describe a transverse figure eight with both eyes parallel.

  • This task takes some practice
  • do not turn your head during the following steps
  • First, move both eyes slowly down to the left in parallel
  • move your eyes to the top left
  • move your eyes down to the right
  • move your eyes to the top right
  • move the tasks down to the left and start over
  • the more circular the movement, the better
  • What is important is correct execution, not speed

7- Close your eyes tightly.

  • Close your eyes
  • then squint your eyes tightly
  • the face can also pull together
  • maybe the idea of ​​biting a lemon helps
  • keep your eyes closed during the micro-pause

8- Take a sip of water.

  • Sufficient water should be available at the workplace

9- Gently move your head in all directions.

  • You could z. B. perform a circular motion
  • the emphasis here is on being careful so as not to overuse the neck
  • the movement should be comfortable

10- Gently pull your shoulders back without tensing them.

  • Sit in the very front of your chair
  • carefully guide your straight arms back and down
  • do not tense the muscles
  • hold the position during this micro pause


Currently, the app is available for Windows and Linux only. macOS package is not available yet. You can download and install the app for free.


The software is a copyright of Connectdata GMBH.


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