Massive Cyber Attack: Is Your Data Safe? 85 Million Egyptian Records For Sale!

Massive Cyber Attack: Is Your Data Safe? 85 Million Egyptian Records For Sale!
Photo by Simon Berger / Unsplash

In a major cybersecurity incident, an alleged database containing personal information of 85 million Egyptian citizens is reportedly up for sale on a hacking forum. The threat actor claims the database includes sensitive data such as National Identification numbers, full names, family information, mother's names, insurance numbers, and mobile numbers.

The veracity of these claims remains unconfirmed. If true, this event would mark one of the largest data breaches in Egyptian history.

Data breaches of this magnitude have been historically detrimental. They not only violate privacy rights but also expose the victims to potential fraud and identity theft. Past incidents have led to significant financial losses and damaged reputations for involved entities, highlighting the increasing importance of robust cybersecurity measures.

The incident underscores the urgency for individuals and organizations to ensure the security of their digital assets. Given the potential consequences of such breaches, it is crucial to learn from these incidents and continually improve security measures. Further updates on the issue will follow as more information becomes available.

However, many believe that it's an old leak that was initially published two years ago and has now been republished.

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