Mea-family is a Free Self-hosted Family Management Application

Mea-family is a Free Self-hosted Family Management Application
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Mea-familia is a self-hosted open-source family management application that allows you to manage family members, activities, household tasks, real estate, banking accounts, transactions, budget, calendar, to-do lists, menus, recipes, shopping lists, and hobby libraries.

It is available in French and English and can be accessed via a web browser on a computer or server.


  • Take control of the members of your family and ensure their well-being
  • Take care of your beloved pets and provide them with the attention they need
  • Organize and keep track of all your important contacts in your address book
  • Oversee and manage your valuable real estate investments
  • Keep your properties in top shape by managing the equipment and maintenance tasks
  • Stay on top of your finances by effectively managing your bank accounts
  • Keep track of your banking transactions and ensure accuracy and security
  • Establish a comprehensive budget to effectively manage your expenses and savings
  • Stay organized and never miss an important event with a well-managed calendar
  • Delegate and manage the household tasks of each property efficiently
  • Coordinate and plan the activities of your family members for a harmonious and enjoyable life
  • Stay organized with efficient to-do lists that help you prioritize and accomplish tasks
  • Plan your meals for the week and manage your menus for a healthy and balanced diet
  • Discover, collect, and manage your favorite recipes for delicious meals at home
  • Simplify your grocery shopping with well-managed and organized shopping lists
  • Build and manage an extensive library of books for endless reading pleasure
  • Organize and enjoy your collection of CDs with a well-managed CD library
  • Keep track of your favorite movies and TV shows with a comprehensive DVD library
  • Dive into the exciting world of video games and manage your collection for endless entertainment
  • Create and manage personalized playlists for every mood and occasion


European Union Public License


Linux, BSD, macOS, Windows

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Download Mea-familia for free. Mea-family is a family management application. Mea-familia allows : - to manage the members of your family, their activities, their household tasks - to manage your real estate and their equipments. - to manage your banking accounts, their transactions, your budget.

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