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Improving Patient Satisfaction and Experience with QuickBlox • Quickblox Blog
Patient satisfaction VS patient experience Patient satisfaction and patient experience are integral components for measuring healthcare quality. These terms are often used interchangeably although they have different meanings. Patient satisfaction focuses on whether the patient is satisfied with the…
Article written by Dr.Hamza Mousa for QuickBlox
15 Reasons to consider QuickBlox for your Enterprise Messaging Infrastructure • Quickblox Blog
QuickBlox is a powerful, time and cost-effective service for all enterprises, starting from small and medium enterprises to large ones. It offers a rich communication tool set with a highly flexible easy-to-use API and multiple languages/ framework SDKs for enterprise developers to use. Moreover, i…
Article written by Dr.Hamza Mousa for QuickBlox
QB Cordova + Meteor: Build a messaging app for iOS and Android with Meteor / Cordova • Quickblox Blog
QuickBlox is a messaging infrastructure for enterprises that offers messaging and communication as a service (IaaS). The messaging is packed with file and content sharing, real-time video conferencing, and push notification. QuickBlox offers multiple SDKs for mobile and web development with a primar…
Tutorial written by Dr.Hamza Mousa for QuickBlox
Make a Virtual Room Application with Q-Consultation • Quickblox Blog
Virtual room applications are on the rise, especially in the age of Covid-19. VR application software has proven to solve a new set of challenges that a variety of use cases for businesses, organizations, and major corporations now face around the world. This article will take you on a tour of virtu…
Tutorial written by Mouhamed Hanny Sabbagh ( for QuickBlox