Medevel's Outbreak Monitor: is a free web monitoring service for outbreaks, It is a necessary tool I built to help people stay updated with the country-specific news.  Currently, The system is monitoring hundreds of news sources and Twitter public feed for country-based news.

We have created this page to hold all news and updates about our monitor, you can read more about our monitor here.


• Watch and monitor trending outbreaks news
• Current news alerts count per country
• Supports mobile and TV screens
• Geo-monitor support
• News from 60+ sources including Twitter live stream
• Browse by country
• Country Alert
• Toggle between News and Twitter feeds

I am adding more features often as I spare time from current projects for it. But hopefully it's usable at this stage.

Technical note

I have built it using Meteor (A JavaScript development platform) and MongoDB, Leaflet maps with several NPM packages. There is no third party services added yet, but we may use some in the future as the new features require.


• Meteor
• Bulma CSS Framework
• Leaflets

Outbreak monitor: Follow the latest update of outbreak
Outbreak news: Follow the latest update of outbreak, Coronavirus, Flu, Ebola, LASA, H1N1, H5N1, H1N1, HIV


Special thanks to Dr. Moaaz Eldesoky, Zeno Davtaz and Mo Hanny Sabbagh ( for their support.


If you are interested in supporting this project or sponsoring it, You can  reach our Patreon page.