Free 3000 Professionally Illustrated Medical Graphics

Free 3000 Professionally Illustrated Medical Graphics

Finding detailed medical illustrations is not an easy task, especially for free, Creating the illustration itself requires a medical knowledge, Many artists has very good knowledge of the human body, anatomy, but few poses the knowledge of physiology, cellular biology, pathology and medical specialities. Beyond that they will need medical guidance to get the required results that matches the demand.

Medical illustrations are in demand, not just for medical students, doctors who prepare presentation, to communicate with patients, and school students as well.

Smart is a free medical illustration service provided by Servier a French pharmaceutical company specialized in cardiology, diabetes, oncology, and neurosciences.

For several years two artists with extensive medical background in Servier were involved in the most comprehensive free medically detailed medical illustration  as it contains  +3000 professionally illustrated arts, with very easy to use website that classifies the images into categories:

1- Anatomy, and human bodies which contains the Cardiovascular system, Digestive system, Visual system, Lymphatic system, Urinary, auditory ,endocrine, nervous,  locomotor, and reproductive systems

2- Cellular biology: On commercial based websites you wont find comprehensive medical art for cellular biology with the rich classification and art Smart team managed to do there: Genetics, Cell membrane, Tissues, Lipids, Receptors and channels, Nucleic acid and Intracellular components.

3- Medical Specialities: is my favourite set at Smart.Servier as it classify hundreds of images of disease related illustrations into their medical specialities like Oncology, Cardiology, Rheumatology,  Urology and Ophthalmology.

4- General items section contains several useful sets for medical equipments, drugs and medications, people, food and clothes.

Powerful search

The Search is powered by autocomplete option which results of rich list full of results from different sections as well, So the user does not have to browse all of the images to find what is he looking for.

The files are available for download in high quality *.png files ( Portable Network Graphics ) with a transparent background, which makes it ready to be used in slideshow presentation, designs, website designs.

The sets are available to download as well on powerpoint files *.ppt files, with highly detailed images and description per each.


Though the art was not released as editable open-source, the Servier Medical Art/ illustration was released under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

If you are planning to use Smart.Servier medical art, please don't forget to credit their work.

Smart.Servier Medical ART

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