Medtronic Chairman and CEO "Omar Ishrak" has announced releasing Medtronic "PB 560 Ventilator" as an open-source leading to a storm of hope among doctors and engineers in many countries. a leading medical devices manufacture, It's located in Minnesota, USA.  

Releasing the device design, specs as an open-source will help many companies and engineers create the device and distribute it in their countries, which leads to providing more ventilators for the patients.

Open-sourcing the device with specs will impact not only the cost but also the speed of production and distribution to the end-user "the caregivers and the patients". It will avoid many bureaucratic measures furthermore its shipping, handling fees, and of-course customs and tax regulations.

As an open-source enthusiast, I am very happy about releasing such a device as an open-source, but as a doctor, I am truly grateful for this intuitive.

I believe this COVID19 outbreak crisis has created and still creating generous gifts as it takes, people are coming together to help, and doctors and nurses who were under-evaluated and under-appreciated in several countries, are leading the people thru this crisis.

It's the first, let's hope we can see more initiatives like this in the future from other companies.


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