Medusa: An Open-source Headless eCommerce Solution for Enterprise

Medusa: An Open-source Headless eCommerce Solution for Enterprise

Medusa is a free open-source headless Shopify alternative for developers that aids them in building scalable features-rich eCommerce solutions.

Medusa is an open source composable commerce engine built with Node.js. Medusa enables developers to build scalable and sophisticated commerce setups with low effort and great developer experience. (src: Medusa)

You can have your own Medusa deployed in a matter of minutes with Docker on your server or in Heroku.

Medusa has a modular architecture which allow developers to integrate third-party services, add custom features or integrate it into existing systems.

Medusa has a dozen of plugins that anyone can install, use and modify from the official repo, most of them are created by the core team.


  • Orders, Exchanges, and Returns APIs: Aside from the standard order management that comes with ecommerce platforms, Medusa also provides an easy and automated way to manage swaps, returns, and claims.
  • Products and Collections APIs: Add products with extensive customization settings and sort them into collections.
  • Region API: Configure and manage multiple regions and currencies all from one platform.
  • Plugin API: Easily integrate fulfillment providers, payment providers, notification services, and many other custom tools and third-party services.
  • PriceList and Promotions APIs: Advanced pricing for products with conditions based on its amount in the cart or promotions and discounts.
  • Tax API: Advanced tax configurations specific to multiple regions, with capability of specifying taxes for specific products.


Medusa is released as an open-source under the MIT License.


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