MES: Is a Manufacturing Execution System

MES: Is a Manufacturing Execution System
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A Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is a computerized tool that tracks and records the entire manufacturing process, from raw material extraction to finished product production. MESs are stand-alone systems that primarily gather data about the workplace. They can be used in different industries, such as packing goods, metal or plastic production, and automation. Using an MES aims to improve production, reduce delays, and make delivery of goods easier.

An "intelligent" MES builds on the MES concept by using mathematical algorithms for decision-making. With an intelligent MES system, the information system can select the most suitable solution in a problem scenario. This further enhances manufacturing performance and reduces production costs.

Despite most countries still using Industry 2.0, they lack support for manufacturing systems that can reduce errors in the workflow. Small and medium businesses struggle to invest in high-tech systems or hire enough personnel to manage production, which limits their standards to the current ones. This is known as the Industry 2.0 "trap" and is one of the driving forces behind this project. Smart MES technology can provide an affordable solution to factory owners and advance industry standards into the future.

This project aims to build a Smart MES web application that helps manufacturers plan the manufacturing process, simulate the workflow of the planned process, track the events of the actual production line, and generate a report of the actual process. This helps manufacturers build an effective production line while reducing and preventing potential problems throughout the manufacturing process. Chapter 2 covers the feasibility study for the Smart MES project.

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