How to use Meteor's DDP with Next.js

How to use Meteor's DDP with Next.js
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Meteor is a fancy JavaScript platform and full-stack development environment for building web and mobile apps.

I have been using Meteor for years, with Blaze, Angular, Vue and React. I also use it for web scrapping, and data manipulation on various projects for my clients.

In some of my projects I used Meteor as a backend leveraging its DDP server capability.

My recent projects are built with Next.js, which is a React framework for building web apps. I also used it to build a quick desktop apps for using Tauri and Electron.

Here, I will demonstrate how to use a DDP client with Next.js, for anyone who wants to use Meteor as a DDP backend server with Next.js.

All is required to have Astroid which is a DDP client for JavaScript apps, after it is installed, make sure to import it in the top of your file.

Soon as you have everything settled, make sure to run Astroid within React's useEffect, as in the following code gist

You can do the same with other DDP clients, however, I like Astroid.


  1. Astroid
  2. Meteor
  3. Next.js

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