Mini Diary: the stylish cool journaling app is no longer maintained

Mini Diary is a beautiful open-source journaling app that comes with a dozen of handy features for anyone who takes daily journals.

Although, the app gains a momentum, due to its usability and fancy look, the developers stopped to maintain and develop it.

Today we will go through its features, and how does it look like, to help anyone who is interested in creating a similar experience.


  1. Fancy design without any clutter or distraction
  2. It comes a light and dark theme
  3. Offers a built-in full-text search
  4. Simple Markdown WYSIWYG editor
  5. It has a clean calendar that you can use to browse your journals by days.
  6. Keep track of how many words per journal
  7. Automatic date per journal
  8. Private and secure: You're in control of your data. The journal is encrypted with a password and stored locally on your device.
  9. Localization in multiple languages
  10. Import from various apps and formats
  11. Export to various formats (PDF, Markdown, etc.)
  12. Built-in Statistics for your journals



Mini Diary is no longer supported, so please consider using a different journal app instead. You can export your data in various file formats (unlock your diary and select File → Export in the menu bar). If you need to download the app again to export your data, you can get it for your platform here, or see GitHub for all download options.

Tech stack

The project is is written using JavaScript, TypeScript, React, and Electron.


Mini Diary is released under the MIT License.


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