Human Capital Management or HCM for short, stands for human resources and employee workflow management for the enterprise.

MintHCM is an open-source human resources management system for enterprises.

It helps enterprises to manage and stay in control of its employee workflow, starting from requirements, performance, history, on-boarding, and off-boarding process.

MintHCM requires PHP7.1 and MySQL 5.6-5.7 or MariaDB 10 to run. It works seamlessly on all modern browsers, like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge, and Opera.

In this post, we demonstrate HCM features as their advantages to enterprises.

MintHCM Features

  1. HCM is an easy software to set up, configure, and use
  2. Aids in recruitment management
  3. Allows creating and managing personal's information catalogs
  4. Employer branding
  5. It takes control of onboarding workflow
  6. Create and manage employee profiles
  7. Filter and list employees by their skill management
  8. Records and display all employment history
  9. Tracks personal performances
  10. Improve personal time management
  11. Built-in calendar and scheduler
  12. Estimate travel expenses and personal expenses with built-in expenses manager
  13. Resources booking allows HR managers to track and record all of their assets, for company and/or personal use.
  14. Leave management
  15. Off-boarding workflow control
  16. Built-in Analytics
  17. Multiple user management with permissions and roles
  18. Office space manager to help you effectively manage your spaces for better productivity.
  19. Charts and performance diagrams


Incoming features

MintHCM is under continuous development from an active team of developers. It receives bug fixes, upgrades, and new features often.

Gamification and Linked-in integration are the next incoming features, so stay tuned for the next releases.


MintHCM is released under terms of the GNU Affero General Public License Version 3.