As I was experimenting with Ghost blog admin-API, in the backend, to publish new content, or edit existing content, introduced me to Mobiledoc Kit, which was an elegant solution to build structured content directly out of the WYSIWYG editor.

Unlike, other WYSIWYG solutions, Mobiledoc structure everything in a clear human-readable and developer-friendly format.

By default, Mobiledoc supports rich interactive and embedded media in the form of cards and atoms.

Later on, the developers can easily use the Mobiledoc formatted JSON to render HTML server-side, or in-browser DOM into a SEO-friendly content.

Developers can easily add their new tools, atoms, and cards to the editor. Let's say you want to add a pre-defined table that is populated with some headers, some cells or rows, with Mobiledoc it will take less than 5 mins to create your table card and the editor action button for it.

Development of Mobiledoc and the supporting libraries is generously funded by Bustle Labs. Bustle Labs is the tech team behind the editorial staff at Bustle and Romper, fantastic and successful feminist and women’s interest sites based in NYC.

Mobiledoc editors

  1. Plain JavaScript editor
  2. Ember.js Mobiledoc editor
  3. React editor


MobileDoc Kit is released under the MIT License as an open-source software that allows modification, personal and commercial usage, and distribution. However, it comes without any liability or warranty.